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I spotted a link to the Daytrip Society on A Cup of Jo. As a budding blogger and writer I've been following Joanna Goddard's career for a few years (mainly her blog at Glamour which is ending next week). She has pretty swell taste and much like me, has a penchant for all things nautical. Joanna posted some Thomas Paul plates that piqued my interest and had me longing for my own kitchen once again. Anyway, I found myself sucked into the intensely powerful online shopping vortex and figured I'd post a few favorites.

I'm a big Nikki McClure fan. I picked up a tote bag with one of her prints on it last fall in Portland and just wore the bag out (to the point that the print is almost non-existent). Having just come back from the beach where the sun was broiling, the idea of going for a night swim seems pretty refreshing right about now.

Other faves include Orla Kiely wallets and bags. Everything by Thomas Paul, especially the scrimshaw designs (I have a lifelong fascination with scrimshaw). Ah, I love it all. I want the squirrel pillow by Erin Flett and this natural gray with indigo stripes throw blanket from Swans Island Blankets.

Maybe I should just move to Maine.

Summertime 60's vibe.

Summertime 60's vibe.