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Preserve NJ.

Over the years I've become a bit of a historic preservation nut. I'm fascinated by old structures and artifacts (like my previously mentioned interest in scrimshaw). Lately I've been researching historical societies and the like in hopes of getting involved on some new projects which is how I discovered Preserve NJ or more specifically, their blog. My interest is growing because lately it's hitting close to home. The iconic Bell Labs building in my sorta sleepy hometown is under development pressure after sitting vacant for sometime now. Preserve NJ has also sounded the alarm for Fort Hancock out on Sandy Hook (one of my childhood stomping grounds).

Best known for their Top 10 Most Endangered lists, Preserve NJ aims to shed light on historic buildings and structures around NJ in need of help. I'm sure there are tons of people with the tear-it-down mentality, but not me. Especially not in NJ, a state that, despite it's reputation has an amazing amount of history relevant to the founding and development of the US. Not to mention, a lot of history that's already been destroyed to make space for the insane amount of people living here (and no, Snooki isn't one of them but more on that later). Anyway, for those interested here's the 2010 Top 10 list.


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