After last night's miserable weather, I'm reading to get outside and soak up some sunshine. Save these for Monday morning as you transition back into the work week.

  • Filippo Minelli's Shapes - Found on DesignCrush.
  • America's Best Sandwiches - Veganized! - Always interested to see a vegan rendition come together.
  • Star 1973 - Short-lived groupie magazine gone digitized.
  • Old House Dreams - I'm completely obsessed with this blog as I long for a new space of my own.
  • Bad Influences: JFK, Ike & Obama - An interesting to read.
  • Blank City - 1970's downtown NYC culture captured on film, showing at the IFC Center til 4/14.
  • A Murder Foretold: Unraveling the Ultimate Political Conspiracy - A fascinating, complex piece of journalism.