I am not much of a photographer nor do I really claim to be. But when I heard about the opportunity to tour the Tenement Museum and take pictures inside the spaces I jumped. In essence, the Tenement Museum is a preserved tenement building on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. It was inhabited by over 7,000 people from 1863 until 1935 before it just sort of sat empty for 50 years. Rediscovered in the 1980's, the building is a testament to the old New York, one that was full of freshly emigrated faces from around the world looking for a new life in America. 

So on Friday, February 6, the museum invited people in to take pictures of the spaces and exhibits it holds for only the second time ever. I'm not sure how frequently they're planning to run these types of tours but the museum is definitely worth checking out without your camera too. Here's some of what we saw: