Iron girl.

At some point earlier this year some friends of mine casually mentioned doing a triathlon. Eventually the conversation turned serious and I found myself signing up for Iron Girl at Sandy Hook

From here I started buying triathlon gear, joining the local pool club, fixing up my sister's bike and spending my summer working on my fitness. The big day crept closer. Finally, yesterday morning I found myself standing on a bay beach near Fort Hancock at sunrise waiting for my wave to get called. 

The swim did not go exactly as planned since some foul weather moved in Saturday night making the bay super choppy. On top of that the tide was coming in pushing the athletes and swim angels toward the rocks. In spite of this, I pushed on and made it across the cove without stopping albeit slower than I had hoped. From there I flew through transition and hopped on my bike, traversing Sandy Hook twice for a total of 15 miles. After that I ditched my bike and took off running. The last leg of the race taught me some valuable lessons as a triathlon newbie (i.e. drink more water!). In the end I crossed the finish line, passed on breakfast and went on with my day. 

My expectations weren't super high going into this race, I just wanted to finish and if possible do so in less than 2 hours. Check and check. Now, what's next?