Weekend coffee #2.


What a week. The deep freeze is over, the snow is melting and somehow, the world is still turning. In between meetings, trip prepping, scowling at the news and my usual day-to-day, I watched some (but not all) of the Golden Globes and finally got into The Crown. Here's what else I'm into this week: 

It's day 13 of dry January. I can confirm several of the benefits listed in this Bustle piece. If nothing else, I'm sleeping better and as someone who sucks at sleeping, that's a tremendous win. 

How Jodi Kantor gets it done. She hits on several issues and insecurities I've faced in writing as myself vs. as someone else. Comforting and inspiring. 

Trying to find space in my house for this cool banana leaf wallpaper

A Year in Airfare via The Billfold. I've always traveled regularly but this might be the year I make it more of a priority. As far as I know, NJ isn't going anywhere. 

Breaking my own "no NYC on weeknights" rule to go see Jawbreaker (with Clare O'Kane). Somewhere my inner teenager is screaming. I'll be at the Tuesday night show. 

Have you heard about Gyrotonic exercise? This one is new to me but as a Pilates instructor and sometimes yoga enthusiast, I'm intrigued. Definitely wouldn't mind improving my posture. 

Members only. (PS: I highly recommend subscribing. Ann Friedman is always on point.)