Weekend coffee #3 (+ #4).

    Kyle Sterk via Unsplash


Kyle Sterk via Unsplash

A double cup! Well, maybe just an ultra stacked edition. The reason for the change? I'm going to Africa tomorrow and leaving you to navigate the uncharted waters of the Internet all by your lonesome. Feel free to follow along on Instagram if you're so inclined (I should have access to WiFi along the way). And now, on to what's been happening: 

To all my New Jersey friends, we finally got to say "Goodbye, Chris Christie." Not so sad to see him go. Although he definitely inspired more than a few laughs. Time to see what Phil Murphy can do...

Am 100 percent that person. My days of socializing beyond my house ended the day I adopted Ruby. Adding Aggie to the mix just sealed the deal. See you never. 

Speaking of my house, I don't think I've ever delved into the history of it but will in the near future. Let's just say, it's pretty old and could even be one of these kit houses

History and historical photographs will always be interesting to me. Can you imagine living in a world before photos? Also love that places like Armadillo Tintype are preserving non-digital methods. 

Speaking of history, did you know these figures were related? I was surprised by more than a few. 

Sad to read that The Hairpin and The Awl are closing. Have been reading both for years and sincerely hope The Billfold survives. 

Am definitely grateful for The Breakfast Club and related films. Even now it's easy to see this influence on Lady Bird and other coming of age movies. 

And while know I fall in the range of old millennials when did the term go from describing a specific generation to meaning "young people?" 

Stay warm, everyone! I'll be back in February.