Describe your 2018.


Might seem a bit presumptuous to try and describe a year that's just begun. Instead of hard and fast resolutions, I usually start my year with a few goals in mind, akin to my last post. But this year...this year feels different. 

I contemplated a year of yes approach but that's just not me. I have no problem saying yes. In fact, I have no problem saying no either. So I went back to the drawing boards and somewhere in an email stumbled across two prompts that offered another option. And while I'm reluctant to say "intention setting" here goes. 

My color for 2018 is orange. Mostly I chose this because it feel opposite to my usual color palette - populated with black, gray, navy and the like. But orange. There's no denying orange. It's a powerful color. According to this piece, orange being a mix of red and yellow is a blend of energy and happiness. This makes it the color of joy and creativity, two things I aim to elevate this year. 

How I plan to do this takes us to my word for 2018. Seeking. Merriam-Webster defines seeking a few ways but what resonates with me are the second two "a to go in search of look for" and "b to try to discover." This year I am seeking several things, and with orange, I intend to find new opportunities, new experiences, new connections and so on. 

To the New Year...a few days in. How will you describe your year?

Katie Achille2 Comments