Weekend coffee #7.

 Image via Wikimedia

Image via Wikimedia

This was a week, wasn't it? February is not exactly my favorite month. Yes, it's short but it's around now that the winter doldrums hit hard. That said, I did see a few winter crocuses starting to appear in my front yard so here's hoping the groundhog proves wrong

Love this before and after posted on Design*Sponge. The Ali Forney Center is an important space and one I try to support when possible. 

I'm going to read this to myself as a pep talk every time I have a bright idea. Currently at work on a few soon-to-be award-winning books. 

In light of Wednesday's tragedy, I would encourage you to read "On the Imperative of Content" via Jezebel

All hail the weeknight dinner. Dinner: A Love Story is a perennial favorite and I so enjoy the concept of a dinner diary (and keeping the habit up for 20 years!). 

And despite my feelings about the current state of the union, presidential history is still a favorite topic of mine. Here's an interesting article about president numero uno, George Washington

Happy long weekend!