Weekend coffee #8.

 Legit weekend coffee.

Legit weekend coffee.

Last night Jesse and I attended opening night for "The Bridge of San Luis Rey" at a local theater. The only other Wilder work I'm familiar with is "Our Town" and that's mostly because of "My So-Called Life" so I think I need to go back and read the book now. After the performance, we helped ourselves to some prosecco and paella at the reception before heading home. Tonight, dinner at a friends' house and tomorrow, a baby shower. In the meantime, here's what I've been following this week: 

Gothamist to return! Even though it's been five years since I moved out of NYC, I still like to know what's happening. 

Have you heard of Fundrise? I saw it mentioned on The Billfold earlier in the week. Real estate investing interests me but I have no clue where to get started. 

Turns out, those charitable initiatives that stores launch can and do make an impact. The Body Shop is a prime example. 

Despite wearing nothing but black, fashion interests me and these photos show just how much the way we dress has changed

And finally, read Michael Ian Black's opinion piece

"The brokenness of the country’s boys stands in contrast to its girls, who still face an abundance of obstacles but go into the world increasingly well equipped to take them on. It’s no longer enough to “be a man” — we no longer even know what that means."