Weekend coffee #9.

 Screenshot via Slate

Screenshot via Slate

Well, we've survived another Nor'easter/bomb cyclone/whatever. I think they - and by they I mean The Weather Channel - tried to name it Winter Storm Riley. Regina George accurately sums up my thoughts on that. Meanwhile, here's what I read during the wet weather: 

Jerry and Marge Go Large. A long read but an interesting look at how people can make systems work for them. 

Love this piece on how women are rethinking the tattoo parlor. It's an intimidating world. I once had a male artist straight up laugh in my face when I came in with an idea. 

Having recently left the fun-filled world of PR, this Buzzfeed list hits close to home. Mostly, I enjoyed the work but I don't miss the frantic middle of the night emails and phone calls. 

That being said, being a dog mom really is one of the greatest joys in life. 

And just how many pairs of jeans do you need? Up until a few years ago I probably had one to two pairs at a time. Now that number is closer to six but frankly, I still only wear one to two pairs. 

After a crazy busy week, I think I'm going to put the coffee down and take a nap instead. Lots more in the coming days.