Part-time potter.

I don't do relaxing very well. Never have. I abide by the idea that there are 24 usable hours in the day. As a result, I'm usually making things or doing stuff (a riff on the title of this book). So late last year, after the wedding dust had settled, I realized I had time on my hands. When I say time, I mean in addition to working, going to the gym, taking care of a house, husband and two dogs and reading every single day. That's right, I wanted more.

So I picked up a hobby. Well, picked up might be the wrong way of putting it. More like I'm learning a hobby. Having taken pottery class a kid, I decided to re-visit it and see if I liked it. Turns out, I do.

Mostly because it requires that I use a different part of my brain. Coming from the business world, most of my skills are intangible. Whereas, sometimes the clay has a mind of its own and you have to find new ways to manipulate it. You also have to account for the age of the clay, moisture level, what you're looking to build, how you're trying to build it and so on. I like to thing I'm strengthening a set of previously untapped skills but time will tell. 

For now, I'm focused on hand built items (rather than the wheel). To date, I've made a few different types of bowls, bird feeders, coasters, wall pockets, some mobiles and lots more. I'm not sure I'll take this venture to market but I am offering up items and commissions for trade if anyone is interested.

But there is something about "Katie Achille, part-time potter" that has a nice ring to it.