Weekend coffee #13.


And here we are at the end of March with a forecast that calls for "brilliant sunshine" and temps close to 60 degrees. The week started stormy (couldn't resist) and turned out balmy. Out like a lamb, indeed. Here's a look at the latest Internets: 

  • Carmen Sandiego May Be Fictional, but Her Style Is Hugely Influential - Having spent hours watching the show and playing the computer games as a kid, I completely back this. Pretty sure that Carmen Sandiego and Inspector Gadget are directly responsible for my love of investigating everything. 
  • Speaking of childhood nostalgia, check out this photo series on the lives of suburban families via Time. Our homes are often the very first place we love. 
  • Took a girls' trip to Nasvhille back in 2012 but it was definitely not the experience described in this article. Interesting to read how the city continues to change and how this evolution connects with such a specific type of travel. 
  • Season one of Serial was the podcast that got me hooked on podcasts. I'm interested to see what this new trial means for Adnan Syed and the case in general. Might have to revisit the show to brush up on the details. 
  • Despite mixed feelings about later seasons of "The Mindy Project," I am a longtime fan of Mindy Kaling and the work she does, both on and off screen. Going to add "Champions" to my watch next list. 
  • The first signs of spring have me getting increasingly excited about romper and jumpsuit season. Not sure I can pull off this exact look but that doesn't mean I won't try. 

Until next weekend.