work, sleep, eat, repeat.

Writing & research

I started my career as a writer. Plain and simple. Like most things, my career evolved. Need snappy puns? Got 'em. Fifty-five page primary research paper on Vietnam-era veterans? Well, I've got that, too. For pleasure, I enjoy whipping up content for my blog. Yep, I write for fun. Past projects have kept me in the know, covering topics from LBJ to HR. This page is just a taste. 

Marketing & design

Marketing & design go hand-in-hand nowadays. Much like my writing experience, you name it, I've done it. Digital marketing, public relations, graphic design and more. At this point, my social media experience predates Friendster and I can also dish out creative direction like it's my job. Oh wait, once upon a time it was!

GHOSTWRITING & Contributed Content


Creative Direction