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The Gits.

The Gits.

I finally watched The Gits movie this weekend. I thought it was a really amazing documentary that made for an excellent tribute to the music and legacy of Mia Zapata. I actually have this vivid memory of being like in 5th grade and stumbling across an article about Mia Zapata's murder and having absolutely no idea who she, or The Gits were at the time. A few years later when I started getting into music and specifically riot grrrl and bands in that vein and time period, I heard The Gits and was totally floored. The Gits aren't typically the first band mentioned when it comes to riot grrrl, I feel like Zapata's lyrics and attitude were right there with the movement. I'm always sort of surprised when someone hasn't heard The Gits, to me they are so mind blowing.

I enthusiastically recommend The Gits movie for those who love the band and those who don't know much about them. It provides a good background with tons of footage and details about who they were and how the life of Mia Zapata has impacted the Seattle scene even today.

I've been listening to this song a lot lately.

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