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Pizza pizza.


The weather has been pretty chilly this week so I've been staying inside and cooking up a storm. Yesterday I made these totally delicious white bean burgers on the recommendation of a friend. Unfortunately, I forgot to photograph them. I'm going to make them again soon so I'll make sure to snap a few pics and review the recipe. 

But today I took on Ina Garten's Pissaladière recipe and made the whole thing from scratch. Pissaladière translates to something like provençal pizza, and consists of a thicker dough topped with sauteed veggies. There's no sauce or cheese involved and from what Wikipedia tells me, the Europeans eat these as appetizers.

I made this recipe for dinner, and I subbed whole wheat flour for all-purpose flour in the dough which made the whole recipe a little heartier (which worked out well on a particularly cool and overcast evening).

Basically, I threw together some dough and caramelized the onions early this afternoon. After the dough rose and the onions rested, I rolled out the dough, spread the onions over it, sprinkled the olives and baked the whole thing for 15 minutes at 450 degrees.

This recipe is actually entirely vegan. It doesn't call for any dairy, and while Ina Garten suggests topping it with anchovies, that's entirely optional. It came out pretty tasty, though I have to admit I think I was more info the white bean burgers from the NY Times. The dough had a nice flavor, a mix of salty and sweet, the result of honey and kosher salt. The onions were sweet and a little oily. And finally, the olives dried out nicely in the oven leaving them salty with a slight crunch. I'd recommend it for dinner with a salad of mixed greens or arugula.

First BBQ of the year.

Feeling festive.