Greetings, hi, hello.

Welcome to my site. This is where I showcase my work and write about this thing called life. Enjoy!



Before I go outside to enjoy the 80 degree, sunny and warm weather, a quick post about a few things I'm really into lately. Can you spot the theme?

  • Girl Gang Underground - Coordinated by Kate W. and Stacy K., the International Girl Gang Underground project is putting together a compilation zine that picks up where riot grrrl left off. A really awesome, inspired project. I love it for so many reasons, namely the archival quality of publishing the last 20 years of riot grrrl along with the amazing number of stories and viewpoints it's sure to include. I'm so into it that I even submitted a short piece.

  • fbomb - Wow. Teenage girls blogging about feminism, art, awareness and pop culture? Sign me up. Is fbomb a newfangled version of feminist zinesters? Editor Julie Z. and her crew raise serious questions about issues like domestic violence and pay homage to women artists on Sundays. I'm definitely not a teenager anymore and I'm still in awe of fbomb.

  • MAYDAY! - If I didn't have such a thing about living in Western NY, I'd almost certainly move to Buffalo just for the music scene. Up-and-comers from the Buffalo scene, MAYDAY! is playing nearby this weekend so I'm hoping to check them out live. So far, I've only heard them online but I'm into it. Girl lead singer, plus some guy vocals, a little low-fi, a little surfy, just my style. Definitely need to pick up their tape. Perfect summer cruisin' music.