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Things I love #3.

Things I love #3.

The pickles I made yesterday are delicious. Running out of white vinegar might have been a good thing. They ended up being a lot spicy with a hint of sweet. Yum! I've spent most of this week inside writing so I'm hoping (pending a call with my boss) that I get outside after this post, but for now here's a few things I've been into:

  • Captured: America in Color 1939-1943 - Put up last week by the Denver Post blog, these pictures are from the Library of Congress and highlight rural American life during the Great Depression. I'm always fascinated by old photographs and tend to purchase random portraits from thrift stores whenever I come across them. My bedroom is watched by a portrait of a rather wealthy looking gentleman from the late 1800s. On a similar tip, check out Shorpy.com, my favorite vintage photography blog.

  • Margaret Cho's "I'm Sorry" featuring Andrew Bird - I've never followed Margaret Cho too closely, but I saw this video posted somewhere and thought it was worth a few chuckles. I like the progression of the storyline in the video and she makes some wacky faces. Not to mention, the song's not half bad. She discusses the process at length in her blog.

  • New local veg food! Good Karma Cafe - I haven't actually been there yet, but the Good Karma Cafe just opened up last week. Based on the fact that owners used to run Down to Earth, I'm taking it on good authority that this place will be awesome. As much as I love the other local veg options like the Eurasian Eatery and Kaya's Kitchen, I'm psyched to have the Down to Earth-type cuisine back in my neighborhood. Will report back as soon as I can convince someone to go there with me.

Fancy fast food.