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Welcome to my site. This is where I showcase my work and write about this thing called life. Enjoy!

DIY Winter.

As my boss prepares to head south for winter, I'm putting together a lengthy to-do list for myself as I work remotely. There's a few vanity items on the list (should I give the Mensa test a go?), some travel plans, blog redesign that I'm working on as I type this, and a few other big-ticket items I felt like sharing.

Italian Citizenship - I've been working on the idea of dual citizenship for a while and now I'm starting to put the pieces together. With the help of this site, and the City of Rochester's archives I'm tracking down the necessary documents. Step one, determine which Italian lineage to pursue by finding out if and when my great-grandparents became naturalized.

Homemade Hair Care Products - I've always been a bit of a shampoo fiend and after my latest fight with the customer service over at Lush, I've been inspired to start making my own hair care products.  I don't consider myself a chemist by any means, but I figure I can use my extensive hair care knowledge combined with my culinary skills. I'm thinking I'll start this project after the holidays so stay tuned. My first batch will include a sea-salt spray recipe I have in my arsenal, volumizing shampoo and a basic conditioner.

Photo Archive - Though you probably can't tell from the stellar digital photography featured on this blog but I have amassed thousands of pictures in my lifetime. Throughout high school and college I was constantly documenting my life and the people in it. Now it's time to preserve those memories so I'm going to embark on a massive project that includes not only my personal photographs but family photos dating to way back when. I'm still working out the details on this one, though I do know I'll be using a photo scanner and my trusty Flickr account to get started.

Oatmeal Cranberry Chocolate Chip Cookies.

TVP Nuggets.