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Fun fact of the day - LBJ edition

I have long been host to a myriad of fun, random and oftentimes useless facts. My current work has made me an expert on all things presidential from 1960-1969. I also know way too much about hair products and hair care, alas I'll save that for another day. Here's today's fun fact:

Former President Lyndon Baines Johnson was the first-ever recipient of the Margaret Sanger Award. Now, I realize Margaret Sanger doesn't have the most stellar of reputations, but then again, neither does LBJ.

Regardless, the Margaret Sanger Award is doled out by Planned Parenthood as the top annual prize for supporters of reproductive rights. LBJ won this award in 1966. Other notable honorees include Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Academy Award-nominated actress Kathleen Turner.

Associated fact: the family dog on the now defunct television cartoon, King of the Hill, was named Lady Bird after LBJ's wife.

A (strange) note from Bob Saget.

Oatmeal Cranberry Chocolate Chip Cookies.