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My extremely outlandish, never going to happen wishlist.

Ah, the magic of the internet, giving me the opportunity to outline the crazy, extravagant things I want. Having a birthday so close to the holidays means I really only think this way once a year. Indulge me, it's a year's worth of insane desires balled up into one list. Warning: this list is incredibly shallow and self-serving and in no way benefits others. Just sayin'.

1. Bernese Mountain Dog Pup - This one isn't that out there, but it's definite on the "not in the foreseeable future" list.

2. Pamela Love Talon Cuff - I'm trendy, sue me.

3. All-Expenses Paid Trip to Southeast Asia - Pipe dreams, we all have them.

5. Some Christopher Kane in my wardrobe - Though maybe not the shoes. I'd settle for a Mara Hoffman mini dress or two.

5. A Vitamix - You're thinking that looks likes like a blender. It isn't just any blender. It is the blender to end all blenders (seriously). I used one for the first time a few months back and was astounded by its magnificence and glory.

7. A Global Initiative/Game-Changing Idea - I'm a researcher by nature, constantly jotting down half-finished thoughts that I intend to flesh out later on. Truth of the matter is half the time I never get around to it. I'd like one truly amazing, completed thought with vast impact potential.

8. A Silly Little Space to Call My Own - Let's face it, I have a lot of stuff and not a ton of space. That mixed with too much HGTV Property Virgins and House Hunters and I'm desparate for my own place.

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