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A personal top ten - part two.

I put up part one of this list a few weeks ago. Seems like a good time to finish the list before Snooki drops.

Six - Pilates

I hear boot camp is the new Pilates, which was the new yoga. Sure, the exercise gurus may say I'm a few years late on the trend but whatever. After a decade of taking random classes and feeling like a hamster every time I climb onto a cardio machine, I picked up Pilates during the last quarter of the year. That said, I'm already signed up for classes four days a week come mid-January. Getting a head start on the bikini bod!

Seven - Angry Birds

So popular even the Wall Street Journal approves. Angry Birds Lite, Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons. Ways to keep busy, whenever, wherever.

Eight - Teenage TV Mysteries

I was a sucker for Twin Peaks, loved Lost and have watched countless episodes of Homicide, CSI and Law & Order. Earlier this year, my teeny-bopper tendencies rolled out and I conquered Veronica Mars in a couple of weeks. Now I'm hooked on Pretty Little Liars. It's like Twin Peaks meets I Know What You Did Last Summer.

I breezed through the first season in like, two days of epic snow and I'm totally psyched for Season Two to start next week. Agent Cooper? Laura Palmer-esque video? Some TP references? Love it. Hurry, you can still catch Season One on Hulu for another few days.

Nine - Family Photos

I've barely dipped my toe into this archiving project, I can feel my laptop reaching old age and don't have a great scanner so it might take a while but regardless, project begun! The good, the bad and the blurry.

Ten - 2011

Some years are up, some are down, some just jerk you around (ha). I still haven't figured out if it was being 25 or 2010 that was the real problem but in any event, hasta la vista 2010! Like I said before, I can't say I'm sad to see this one go.

I thought about documenting the ride through the mental pros and cons list I've been keeping up top. Luckily, I decided to spare you. It's another year gone and I'm older, maybe a little wiser, and definitely a whole mess happier. On that note, please enjoy some poor Photo Booth portraiture. I'm 26 and still don't really wear makeup or brush my hair. Smell ya next year!

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