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Help me choose.

I'm horribly indecisive. It's bad. Really bad. I can suck up hours of time debating which black cardigan to buy, or which brand of granola bars is more bang for my buck. When I saw that Warby Parker launched a new collection I jumped for joy. New glasses to try on! Then things were taking awhile and I sorta lost my cool with the folks at Warby Parker via Twitter (sorry!). Known for their stellar Customer Service, Warby Parker made sure to send out my HTO right away. Naturally, I felt a little guilty when I rifled through the frames and wasn't sold on any one style. Welp.

I decided I'd give it another go around and this time I didn't even have to berate Warby Parker into rushing out my HTO. This time around, I think I'm sold on a pair but decided to solicit a little feedback just for fun.

Take a gander at the frames below and make sure to vote or comment to let me know what you think. I've left style names off so each picture corresponds with a number 1 through 5 (top pic is 1, bottom is 5 - you get the idea). And go!

You say it's your birthday.

You say it's your birthday.

Spanakopita casserole.