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Welcome to my site. This is where I showcase my work and write about this thing called life. Enjoy!


After last night's miserable weather, I'm reading to get outside and soak up some sunshine. Save these for Monday morning as you transition back into the work week.

  • Filippo Minelli's Shapes - Found on DesignCrush.
  • America's Best Sandwiches - Veganized! - Always interested to see a vegan rendition come together.
  • Star 1973 - Short-lived groupie magazine gone digitized.
  • Old House Dreams - I'm completely obsessed with this blog as I long for a new space of my own.
  • Bad Influences: JFK, Ike & Obama - An interesting to read.
  • Blank City - 1970's downtown NYC culture captured on film, showing at the IFC Center til 4/14.
  • A Murder Foretold: Unraveling the Ultimate Political Conspiracy - A fascinating, complex piece of journalism.

Girl gang.

An angel from above.