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Randomly - Obama edition.


I spent last weekend in DC celebrating my kid sister's college graduation from American University (also attended by Mike Tyson). Saturday night, the fam was finishing up dessert at the oh, so delicious Tosca when all of a sudden the President and First Lady walked in and sat down at the next table. Needless to say, a rather unexpected twist.

I tried to take pics as subtly as possible so as not to interrupt the Obamas date night. Here's the best pic I managed to get.

Sadly, I did not ask Michelle Obama to teach me how to Dougie. However, I can report that the First Couple had the lobster salad appetizer and what appeared to be the Bolognese pasta. The President sipped a martini with three olives. All very important details, no doubt.

Cookies are killers.

Everybody, everywear #1.