Greetings, hi, hello.

Welcome to my site. This is where I showcase my work and write about this thing called life. Enjoy!

Media free (temporarily). Updated.


About once a year, I get really sick of the internet. Usually happens when the weather gets warm. I'm at that moment in my yearly cycle so I'm going to take a breather for a few weeks. Time to hone my zen. Of course, this is not a complete internet detox cause that would be impossible. And I'm getting a Chromebook delivered next week.

Mainly this break is in regard to Twitter & Facebook -- I've decided to go cold turkey on til about mid-month, maybe longer. 

Update: I made it a whopping 3 days sans Facebook. Still off Twitter.

Flickr, eh maybe I'll slap up some pics if need be. Keep Google Reader so I can stay current with the world. I will not online shop.

Update: Yeah, that lasted about 3 days too. I suck.

I will continue my eBay selling to offset all the online shopping I've done recently. Email, I just can't get ditch (work and all). As for this bad boy, it will get updated sporadically as I attempt to achieve mental clarity outside the online world.

Like you know, outside in the real world. If you need me - call, text, comment, email or write cause that's seriously more than enough ways to find me.

Sigh, I'm an internet burnout. That's what happens when you grow up with the internet, amiright?


Randomly - MDW.