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My SSB. Secret single behavior. As far as I know, the acronym SSB originated in an episode of Sex and the City (season 4, episode 13 - "The Good Fight" for anyone interested).

SSB is the weird stuff we all do when no one else is around. In my case, this is most of the time. Regardless, I knowingly did something strange the other night and decided to document and share. It's even food related, a path I've fallen off for the last, oh, 7 months give or take.

I give you my SSB sundae set in my natural surroundings which equates to mulling around my room, hovering near my record player ready to listen to a mixed tape (this one's from my glorious bud, Nathan), and pondering life's biggest mysteries.

So you're wondering what makes that secret single behavior right? I already gave a hint, it's food related. Look in the bowl. Wanna know what's in it? It won't surprise most of my friends that the bulk of what's in the bowl is Cool Whip Lite. My idea of ice cream. It's topped with Hershey's Chocolate Syrup (a classic!) and Kopali Organics Chocolate Covered Cacao Nibs. Still not that strange, eh?

In a one-off move I topped my typical Not-So-SSB sundae with popcorn. Not any popcorn, but kettle corn from a festival. Like I said, SSB. It was delicious. A new sensation!


Everybody, everywear #2.