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Personal philosophies.


Last week someone asked me if had any personal philosophies. Initially, I cringed at the idea but took some time to think about it and came up with a few things I remind myself of everyday. Be excellent to each other. The genius of Bill & Ted. There are no guarantees that people around you will be excellent to you but a positive reality outweighs a negative one.

Life is the big romance. Don't worry about how many clothes you have, what kind of car you drive, or anything superficial. Be in love with you and embrace the journey.

Never be ordinary. Life isn't meant to be super easy. Challenges arise and sometimes things need a little work along the way. Put thought into your daily life, actions and words. Make sure you live consciously.

Sisterhood is powerful. Family or friends, cherish the people in your life. Nothing lasts forever. Refer back to Bill & Ted often.

Life's a garden, dig it.

Roundup #7.

Homemade horchata.