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Memory lane.


The other day I came across some lists I made when I was 13 or 14. You know shallow qualities I wished for in my dream guy (goatee? - really?) and this list of my general likes and dislikes. Funny enough, I still like a lot of the same things. I'm redoing my room in dark grey and have actually been planning to take a trip to White Castle with my friend Davin. Sure, I haven't talked to Mikey in ages and caller ID comes standard nowadays but capital letters still bug me and McDonald's changed the strawberry milkshakes years ago. Even so, I can't dislike curfews since those days have come and long gone is the idea of being 'too' young since I'm legally an adult.

This list is inspiring me to make a new one though I'm not finished just yet. May seem simplistic but I rather like the innocence of capturing what you see in the world at a particular moment in time.

In honor of high school me, here's an updated take on how mid-twenties me remembers back in the day. Apparently, I dressed a lot like Gwen Stefani circa Tragic Kingdom.

You are responsible for your rose.

Wild Flag.

Wild Flag.