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Wood rat.


Another year older. It's true. As I slink out of my mid-20's, I've started to feel particularly zen. Lots of sage, incense, crystals, and introspection. Perhaps I'm getting wiser, though I highly doubt it. Regardless, I decided to dig a little more into my birthday via the zodiac, my birth chart and more. Here is a little taste of what I found.

I'm a wood rat. Yep. I knew the rat part thanks to those nifty place mats at Chinese restaurants. The wood part I was unfamiliar with though after reading a few different interpretations seems fairly on point. All this talk of rats makes me miss my old pet, Lou.

Anyway, in addition to my wood rat/Sagittarius status, I ran my birth chart for my exact date/time/place of birth and received some equally on par results.

I feel pretty good about growing another year older. Despite having some major ups and downs this year, I am happier than ever, surrounded by positive people and a whole lot of love.


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