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An ode to 2011 - part #1.

An ode to 2011 - part #1.

Ah, 2011. Most people in my life would probably think I'm nuts for remembering 2011 fondly. Maybe I am. Frankly, when you look at it on a surface level it was not a great year. I turned down a killer job to pursue my PhD only to have that plan completely fall apart before it even started. My significant other of 5 years and a good friend decided to enjoy one another's company behind my back leaving me to unravel the mystery on my own. I essentially lost it for a good month, faced with an existential crisis, not knowing which direction to go in. Friends turned their backs, I turned my back on a few. Weight was lost and gained, hair went long to short, dark to light and back again. But as the cliche goes, I'm still standing.

I picked up the pieces, decided to change a few things around and landed a killer new job, apartment, roommate, group of friends and life. In all honesty, I finished 2011 waking up happy almost every day. Looking back, I can't remember the last time that happened but I'd venture a guess to say I was probably still in college (6 years later).

Here's a look back at the year that made me a far healthier and happier person:


See above. So much snow, so much Pilates and running, sun and surf in Miami, exploring and laughter in Paris. A genuinely wonderful start to the new year (including an unexpectedly awesome NYE).



A look back at mini me, recreating Parisian cuisine at home, a very 1980's Valentine's Day, a very 1880's President's Day, and my first steps into Clean Eating.



Baking seemed to be the theme for April. I experimented with Xylitol in some classic Jordan Marsh Blueberry Muffins, ate Boston Cream Pie cupcakes, made hardtack and had a piece get published in the International Girl Gang Underground.



Probably one of the best months of the year. I dipped my toe into fashion blogging (something I'd like to do more of), baked my favorite cookies, sat just a few feet away from Barack & Michelle Obama, and wrote about Fellini's eyebrows.



Another glorious month. Warm weather lead to showing off my secret behavior, participating in Everybody, Everywear, seeing two of my oldest and dearest friends get married, and cutting off the majority of my hair.

Wondering what happened the rest of the year? Well, it gets a lot uglier for a bit but stay tuned anyway!

An ode to 2011 - part #2.

An ode to 2011 - part #2.

Christmas cookies - part #4.