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Roundup #11.


Been a busy few weeks. Work is crazy, the gym is packed and I've been subsisting off either soup and dumplings or soup and grilled cheese. However, in the midst of this I've been accumulating a zillion links of things I like, things to buy, things to do, things to make and places to go. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Super into Swissted which fuses punk flyers and Swiss modernism into one beautiful, simple spectacle.

Contemplating the purchase of Shelby Lee Adams' new photography book Salt & Truth.

This awe-inspiring video gives me motivation to sweat for just a few extra minutes a day, everyday.

So many delicious things I want to make. Like this and this.

And a giant OMG to this hilarious looking show. This is pretty cool, too.

(Vegetarian) chicken tortilla soup.

An ode to 2011 - part #2.

An ode to 2011 - part #2.