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Super bowl snacks #2.


A bit of an update on a topic I mentioned a few weeks back, back to running a few miles a few days a week. So far nothing lost, but nothing gain though I'm feeling good and the looking good is sure to follow. That is once this my strained tibialis posterior heals up and I can run longer distances again (curse you, flat feet and shin splints).

All of the Super Bowl snacks I scarfed down may be impeding my progress but that's ok. Can't live and die by the scale.

Above you will see my attempt at Smitten Kitchen's Cheddar, Beer and Mustard Pull-Apart Bread. Next time around, I think I'd avoid following the instruction to jam any remaining pieces into the pan, I think this was a little too compact and took a lot longer to bake than the recipe said. I'm thinking about recreating this recipe with buffalo wings in mind (probably cause I've been scarfing down Becca's wing dip all week). Hopefully I'll get a chance to do this in the next few weeks. Feel like I haven't had much time to experiment in my own kitchen lately!

That said, here are a few recipes I'm itching to try out:

My funny valentine.

My funny valentine.

Super bowl snacks #1.