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On Jacques Pepin.


Yesterday, I had the privilege of meeting and sitting in on a technique class with culinary legend, Jacques Pepin. Chef Pepin is one of the deans at NYC's French Culinary Institute and was in town for just a few days to teach and catch up. The majority of the class focused on knife work, how-to properly peel certain vegetables and fruits, how-to make art in mushrooms, and general kitchen tips and techniques. It was fascinating to see firsthand how a master chef handles everyday ingredients and envisions the final product. I chuckled when Chef Pepin lit the orange peel on fire, reminiscent of my grandmother who used to burn the peels to scent her house. He went on to bone a few chickens and demonstrate stuffing and trussing one of the birds before moving on to a French omelet. I snagged a few pics (and a bite of an omelet) to share.

Torta di riso.

Mini frittatas.