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Today is Gina's birthday. We haven't seen each other in close to a year and while thinking about where we were both were this time last year, I think it's safe to say a lot of things have changed. Seemingly for the better. I'd say the way better but I'm pretty sure Gina would never let me be so bold.

Having met each other close to 10 years ago, I can safely say she is one of approximately 3 people on the planet who could ever handle sharing a room with me. We spent out senior year of college splitting a bedroom in a house with 10 boy roommates and luckily, a bathroom for just the two of us.

Though the crazy times have subsided, Gina and I continue to share a slightly misanthropic sense of humor akin to Daria and Jane. I'm not sure which one of us is which. Either way, the bonds of sometimes pessimistic views on adulthood remain in tact, which I can only assume will grow darker and darker the closer we get to Golden Girl status. Happy birthday, girl.

And when in doubt, remember the significance of George Washington crossing the Delaware. Plus the value of good food and a decent dance party. Not to mention, it's all about the sssss sound.

Rabbit, rabbit.

Twice baked sweet potatoes.