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International day of the girl.


Today marks the first International Day of the Girl. What an incredibly long name for a day. Regardless, today exists for good reason as this article spells out. It is less than surprising here in 2012 that girls (or women, wimmin, whatever you prefer) need help. American society still seems to be ok with deeming women less than equal to men, which, sadly is still a hell of a lot better than what most countries think of women. But rather than getting on my political high horse, I am going to follow suit and dole out a few life lessons I would have been all the wiser for recognizing earlier on in life.

  1. Go your own way - I have a tendency to listen to influencing factors a little too much sometimes. Rather than following my gut, I let myself be swayed to do things I'm not wholeheartedly invested in. This goes for relationships too.
  2. Learn to program - As a child of the new millennium I sometimes wish I had seen the career opportunities in computer-related fields before college. Not that I don't love all that journalism and writing has become.
  3. Be excellent to each other - Not only just other people but yourself as well. There is absolutely no reason to let other people's problems burden your life and vice versa. That being said, be as helpful as you can to those in need.
  4. Thou shalt own it - Being an adult means owning your decisions. Don't really like how someone is making you feel? Hash it out. Friends don't approve of your new beau? Screw 'em. Life's too short.
  5. When all else fails, listen to Amy Poehler or consult Hillary Clinton.

And always remember, women's rights are human rights. Stay young, my friends.

Fall adventures - 2012 edition.

Fall adventures - 2012 edition.

Rabbit, rabbit.