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My favorite podcast(s).

My favorite podcast(s).

My senior year of college I took one of the first online classes that Rutgers offered. Aptly enough, it was a new media class and our primary assignment required us to blog about a newer medium. I chose podcasting. At the time, the iPod was only about two years old so podcasting was still relatively unknown. Mostly, my blog covered the basics, what podcasts were and how people created the content. My final post was an interview with an early podcaster. Fast forward to 2018 and podcasts are everywhere. Podcasts cover every topic under the sun and come in formats from short to extremely long form. I have a lengthy subscription list and probably spend more time listening to podcasts than music so here's a look at some of my favorites: 

News & Politics

Like reading the paper, I start my weekdays with "Up First" from NPR and "The Daily" from The New York Times. These play while I make coffee and feed the dogs, telling me everything I need to know for the day. I also listen weekly to "Call Your Girlfriend" and "This American Life," both of which cover timely issues. 

Special Interest

True crime comedy tops my special interest section. Namely, "My Favorite Murder" and "Last Podcast on the Left." I also follow a bunch of strictly true crime shows as well as spooky stuff like "Lore" and "Family Ghosts."  


"That's So Retrograde" and "Forever35" are two newer shows that I added to my repertoire. Both bring a ray of California sunshine into my otherwise hyper New York existence. My overall well-being thanks them. And when I can't sleep (which is often) I put on "Sleep with Me" or "Tracks to Relax." 

The World of Work

I'm fascinated by the way other people do work. Career paths, entrepreneurship, doing a complete 180, etc. "How I Built This with Guz Raz" is always an interesting listen, and I just finished "Launch" which followed screenwriter John August publishing his first book. Another one is "Let's Fix Work with Laurie Ruettimann." 

Honorable Mentions

Other shows I love: "Modern Love" from WBUR and based on the New York Times series, "Radiolab Presents: More Perfect" about the Supreme Court, "Stuff You Missed in History Class" and "R U Talkin' R.E.M. RE: ME?" with Adam Scott and Scott Aukerman. 

Do one thing (or maybe two).

Do one thing (or maybe two).

Weekend coffee #13.

Weekend coffee #13.