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Every job I've ever had: part 5.

Every job I've ever had: part 5.

We’ve reached a pivotal moment in my work history. The lost year(s). I wouldn’t exactly say I was floundering at this point, but I was definitely coasting. College graduation wasn’t too far off, and my living expenses were low ($485/month for rent and utilities and $5 pitchers of PBR). I took things as they came trying my hand at a few different food services related jobs, though only two stick out. Here are those:

Job #7 - Another day, another arena.

  • Age at time of employment: 20-21ish

  • Qualifications: A former manager.

  • Employer: Unidentifiable food service company.

  • Application process: Was there one?

  • Onboarding: N/A

  • Training: I think I read the directions on the box.

  • Pay rate: Guessing around $10/hour.

Missing my gig at the arts center, I begged one of my old bosses for a job. He was managing concessions over at the Sovereign Bank Arena in Trenton, which in theory didn’t seem all that far from where I was living in New Brunswick. Since renamed, this arena mostly catered to a now-defunct minor league hockey team and a handful of other events. I saw a cheer competition and Bruce Springsteen’s weird acoustic tour. Well, actually, I didn’t see much, overseeing a Papa John’s stand and baking frozen pizzas night after night. This didn’t last long once I realized how far away it was for the pay. Which led me to look for something closer…

Job #8 - “Fine” dining.

  • Age at time of employment: 20-21ish

  • Qualifications: Student status.

  • Employer: "The Rutgers Club” a.k.a. The alumni dining hall.

  • Application process: In person.

  • Onboarding: Collective.

  • Training: On site.

  • Pay rate: Probably server wage plus tips.

Oof, this fucking place. At the time, The Rutgers Club was holed up in an ancient building all the way at the end of the College Ave. Campus. This worked out well for me because my house was basically across the street, cutting down my commute substantially. At that time, I lived with ten guys and one girl, and I think three or four of us took the role at the same time. Thank god for that because aside from the free food the job was a nightmare. A few months into working there, one of my roommates found out that our manager had punched a student employee in the face years before and let’s just say, none of us were surprised. After suffering his wrath one too many times, I decided I was better off unemployed…for about a minute. We’ll start that post-grad life next time.

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