Checking In: August 2014

KateAchille - MCSPCA - Dogs.jpg

Making: a huge mess by moving furniture and reorganizing our records.
Cooking: so many tacos! 
Drinking: the most water. and an occasional vodka soda with lime. 
Reading: OITNB the book
Wanting: a few more weeks of summer! 
Looking: at our new dog, aggie, curled up next to little miss ruby sue. 
Playing: exposé - cause it's a dance party all the time around here. 
Deciding: which project to tackle next. 
Wishing: for all of my favorite people to live in the same town again. miss this. 
Enjoying: my last summer friday. le sigh. 
Waiting: to hear back on booking my flight to vegas in october. 
Liking: my recent progress around the house. 
Wondering: what this weekend has in store. 
Loving: my new bootcamp class.
Pondering: how to rearrange the art behind the TV that i took off the wall. 
Considering: checking my phone. ew. 
Watching: again, masters of sex. 
Hoping: to get back to bootcamp soon. 
Marveling: at how much i got done this week. 
Needing: to book the details for hawaii! 
Smelling: hot, freshly cut august grass. reminds me of soccer season!
Wearing: nothing but workout wear. ever. ha. 
Following: the fallout from Google's recent algorithm changes. 
Wanting: happy hour!
Noticing: how aggie is starting to settle in around here. 
Knowing: that I need to go sign her adoption paperwork tomorrow (we've been fostering)
Thinking: about what to write for my next project. 
Feeling : excited about fall activities even though i don't want summer to end. 
Admiring: myself (for once). 
Sorting: through records, dvds and other media. 
Buying: too much! recently new table and chairs for kitchen, record rack, purse
Getting: a haircut next week for the first time since january! 
Bookmarking: more things i want to buy...
Disliking: summer's end, duh. 
Opening: lots of packages.
Feeling: content.