Monster mania.

Admittedly, I'm a total wuss and can't bear to watch anything scary. That put me in the minority over the weekend when I attended Monster Mania 39 just outside of Philadelphia. I went into it without a frame of reference, having only been to Chiller Theatre, a similar event with a more general appeal. 

Safe to say, Monster Mania was next level, featuring the kids from last year's version of IT, multiple Jasons from the Friday the 13th series and various people involved with Killer Klowns from Outer Space. My husband was interested in meeting John Carpenter whose credits are too long to list, and Kathleen Turner of Serial Mom or my fave, Peggy Sue Got Married

I tagged along to meet Tim Curry (see photo). Like any good suburban teen with an interest in musical theater, the Rocky Horror Picture Show was super important to me growing up. I dressed up as Magenta for Halloween more than once. Clue and Home Alone 2 are also up there. While this photo op was definitely the highlight of my day, Curry is wheelchair bound due to a stroke so there wasn't much interaction beyond a quick hello.

I also had the chance to see Ally Sheedy, John Carpenter, Richard Dreyfuss and Paul Reubens though I missed out on the others. Mostly because I suspect the event has outgrown its venue. It was grossly oversold and lacked signage, which made it difficult to move about with hundreds of people unsure where to go. Rumors circulated that the fire marshal wanted to shut it down completely and the staff started to restrict entrance by early afternoon. The sheer chaos intensified the experience, especially in the tighter spaces. Not sure I'm ready for a repeat.

Have you ever been to a horror convention? Would you go?