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You're so vain.

As I kid I was super into looking through my parents' record collections. Admittedly, their taste in music isn't really that interesting (sorry, guys!) but I was fascinated by the artwork, imagery and lettering on the covers. Guess I've always been into old stuff. I remember standing in the store a few years ago when this dress caught my eye for its similarity to the dress on the cover of Carly Simon's 1971 S/T debut album. After purchased, it sat shoved in the back of my closet forever but this baby pink number finally got a proper debut at my darling Stephanie's bridal shower yesterday afternoon. Scroll past the cheesy smile for full details.

Am probably the worst model of all time. Tyra would be so disappointed in my inability to smize. I either looked pissed or goofy.

I'm so vain. I probably think this post is about me.

Wearing: Forever 21 Delicate Pink Baby Doll Dress with Lace Detail, Blowfish Garren Platforms in Rust, Turquoise I bought on the street in Mexico in 2003, Ring my sister bought in Costa Rica. A general lack of items to list


Fellini's eyebrows.

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