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Fellini's eyebrows.

This post is about eyebrows. Yeah, that's right. Eyebrows. Everyone's got 'em. Well, almost everyone. Let's jump down a level and talk about Federico Fellini. Master of mid-to-late 20th century Italian cinema. Noticeably little long-winded at times (ahem, so is Scorsese) but excellent with subtle details that add a certain something to his characters.

This is probably most obvious with the characters played by Fellini's wife and muse Giulietta Masina. A teeny pixie-ish little thing, Masina had a cool, androgynous Charlie Chaplin-type quality further enhanced with a little extra eyebrow.

There's Gelsomina from La Strada. Good girl sold to a ruthless street performer.


Nights of Cabiria.

Departing from Masina, there's also the over sexed Volpina (female fox) from my fave Fellini flick, Amarcord.


Lots of eyebrow all around. The bad girls like Volpina and Cabiria have pointy, upturned eyebrows giving them an air of evil.

Even Fellini sometimes got in on the action.


Randomly - MDW.

You're so vain.