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With my birthday looming a few weeks away in the midst of the holiday season, I figured I'd put together a petite wishlist. Last year, I wanted everything ever, I wanted all the presents, love and affection in the world. This year, knowing that there are people in the world with my best interests at heart is really all I need. But for the sake of being materialistic, here are a few (small) items I wouldn't mind owning.

  • Fine, I still want a Bernese Mountain Dog pup. Somethings won't change until I make them happen.
  • Frye Veronica Shortie in Black (size 7.5).
  • Lots of Dermalogica skincare products (because some people thing I'm too young for Botox).
  • More time off so I can take a trip to see Theresa, an all-inclusive vacation with Sara and airfare to go see Vicki (travel and escape!).

Christmas cookies - part #1.

Reading list.