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Wrapping it up.


While 2012 was a tough year for many people, especially in the NY-area, personally this year was very successful for me. I found happiness that eluded my life since 2006. Last night some friends and I were carrying on this conversation discussing what was to come in 2013 when it struck me - I have no idea. 2012 promised the Olympics, an election, set against a backdrop of potential calamity and the world's demise. So now it appears we are on the road to nowhere. As I continue to ponder these and other deep thoughts while reveling in my own contentment , here are a few things to take us into the weekend: 

Hurry up, we are heading to a party, my dear

This email fight is both insane AND hilarious.

Inside America's biggest flea market aka places I need to go.

This cabin and this place. So much design inspiration. 

Popcorn peanut brittle might have to be my first snack in the new year.

And of course, the video for this song.


Before and after #1.