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Every job I've ever had: part 6.

Every job I've ever had: part 6.

As evidenced by my earlier posts, there’s nothing brief about my career history. Except for five years at the Arts Center, I jumped around a lot. Maybe that’s because I’m a “millennial” but at this point in my journey that wasn’t even a thing yet. No one cared. Some people still don’t. Alas, I digress. We’re finally moving away from my formative years and into adulthood. Well, sort of. Three more jobs to go before I move out of New Brunswick, and away from Rutgers.

Job #9 - Barista, perhaps?

  • Age at time of employment: 21

  • Qualifications: A friend worked there.

  • Employer: A coffee shop I can’t remember the name of.

  • Application process: In person.

  • Onboarding: None.

  • Training: On site.

  • Pay rate: Hourly wage plus some paltry college student tips.

Look, I love coffee but can’t be bothered with fancy nonsense. That said, I was a reluctant barista with an alcoholic, verbally abusive boss. The shop didn’t have firm hours, and we were responsible for closing up alone, something I wasn’t super down with as the town emptied out in the summer and crime spiked. My boss would say he stopped by and that I had closed early, when I hadn’t. He would say he called and I didn’t pick up the phone when it never rang. Lots of unnecessary drama and more than once I got in trouble for having a friend hang out with me as I locked up and walked home. This job bridged a gap, and that’s about it.

Job #10 - Marketing “Apprentice”

  • Age at time of employment: 21

  • Qualifications: Applied, interviewed and got hired.

  • Employer: George Street Playhouse.

  • Application process: Email.

  • Onboarding: In person.

  • Training: In person.

  • Pay rate: $250 every two weeks for 80 hours of work.

I should probably explain that my post-college plan involved AmeriCorps*NCCC. And I was all set to go when I received a letter from the program explaining that members would be serving in New Orleans instead of our original assignments. Hurricane Katrina hit the year before I graduated and help was need to rebuild. With my extreme dust and mold allergies, I decided to pursue a different option.

Enter the George Street Playhouse and their marketing “apprenticeship.” Without getting too into it, I was working full-time, making $125 a week and then heading to the coffee shop at night. It was a nine-month deal, and I thought I could hack it, just not at that pay rate. (Not to mention what they were reporting it to be). So, one night after working like 14 hours straight and breaking a few toes on my bike ride home, I decided the stage wasn’t for me. I lasted maybe 3 months, though I did get to meet David Hyde Pierce one night.

Job #11 - AmeriCorps*VISTA

  • Age at time of employment: 21-22

  • Qualifications: Probably willingness.

  • Employer: Greater Brunswick Charter School

  • Application process: Online application and in-person interview.

  • Onboarding: In person.

  • Training: A few days in Delaware.

  • Pay rate: Poverty line.

As my foot healed and my theater career ended, I went back to that original plan, looking for an in-state AmeriCorps role with the VISTA program. This led me to the Greater Brunswick Charter School where I helped with the school website and newsletter. Not exactly a fit either since the school thought they were getting someone to do direct service, while VISTA is explicitly in-direct. Sorry, no fundraising calls for this kid. By now, I knew I had stayed way too long at the RU party and needed to get the hell out of town and go to grad school. Time to leave the nest.

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